26 - 28 February, 2019 | Hilton London Kensington, London, United Kingdom

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How NATO is enhancing military mobility across borders

The return to conventional warfighting role has highlighted the need for NATO to enhance its military engineering and logistics capabilities to ensure troops mobility on all levels, particularly crucial in case of a return to state-on-state conflict. This will be the core focus of the Operational Planning Exercise hosted General...

The need for an AI revolution in defence logistics

In this exclusive interview, Colonel Eddie Corrigan, Defence Logistics Concept and Force Development Assistant Head, UK Ministry of Defence and speaker at Combat Support Week 2019 shares exclusive insights on the potential new technologies hold for the defence support network to increase troops' readiness and efficiency through better data management...

Supporting the force through bridging

This Q&A provides exclusive insight from Brigadier General Matt Bazeley, Commandant of the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME), British Army and speaker at Combat Support Week 2019 on the importance of bridging to current and future operations. He discusses the impact of changing doctrine on combat engineer training, the...

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2018 Combat Support Week Attendee List

Take a look at last years' attendee list to see who you could meet at Combat Support Week 2019!

Combat Support Week 2019 Attendee List

Take a look at the attendee list to see who you could meet at Combat Support Week 2019!


Saving lives by improving fuel efficiency

The operational need for investment into frontline renewables. The military is in the business of winning war, not saving energy – this is the somewhat jaded sentiment that has often been voiced by fuel-focused defence personnel. Going ‘green’ was more likely to refer to the colour of their fatigues rather...

Improving security and stabilisation through environmental protection: NATO's role in facilitating the discussion

Preserving the environment during military operations can improve stabilisation and foster lasting security, a key condition for sustainable development. NATO's policy states that all member nations armed forces must respect environmental policies and principles under all conditions but they are only fully liable if they implement it into their own...


Demand forecasting and supply chain: State of the market

The defence supply chain is transforming through emerging technologies and software, enabling a crucial opportunity to improve demand forecasting, asset oversight and effective maintenance to avoid critical shortfalls in capability. In this exclusive infographic, find out the views of experts from both the military and the industry, coming from all...